Dil-scoops, Rihanna and Dengue Fever

14th January 2014

Picking the Spin from the Rough – stuff well worth reading

A selection of items I’ve recently come across I think you might enjoy.

Rihanna fever – excuses for coverage and pictures of the pop goddess – have run for a few more days, scantily dressed up as further features on Chris Jordan. The Daily Mail, which was first to run with the (dil) scoop provides plenty of glossy shots here. The Independent has a couple of profiles, one by Matt Somerford, and the best of the bunch by cricket correspondent, Stephen Brenkley.

Cricket Country has published several well-written profiles of former West Indian Test cricketers in recent days to mark their birthdays. Click here for Darren Ganga, and here for Jermaine Lawson; and for a very thorough overview of Richie Richardson, click here.

Also in Cricket Country, the fine cricket historian Arunabha Sengupta recalls West Indies’ 1935 Test Match v England in Barbados; while MSR Sports’ website recalls the moment Charlie Griffith struck Nari Contractor on the head. Another Test Match recalled is West Indies’ 1999 encounter with New Zealand in Hamiliton by ESPN Cricinfo’s Andrew McGlashan. He also contributes a charming little vignette on the small number of travelling West Indies fans who recently ventured out to New Zealand. Peruse at your leisure here.

Finally, talking of travel, the UK’s Daily Telegraph lets us know what former England batsman and Sky commentator David Lloyd is getting up to: he’ll be cruising through the Caribbean in March, as part of this tour package, which will be visiting, among many others, Barbados, which he describes as his favourite cruise destination. Lloyd also mentions catching dengue fever in Kathmandu previously – so let’s hope he manages to avoid getting bitten by any mosquitoes when he’s here in the region with us.

David Oram


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