CPL has “potential for corruption” – Steve Waugh

15th January 2014

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Steve Waugh and the MCC World Cricket Committee have identified the Caribbean Premier League as an area of concern for corruption

Interviewer: “The MCC World Cricket Committee have announced they are concerned with the domestic leagues around the world and the possibilities for corruption to get involved in those. What’s your view?”

Steve Waugh : “The general consensus is that international matches are well monitored by the ICC and their anti-corruption security units. I think the danger lies ahead in a lot of these T20 leagues springing up all around the world and don’t seem to have the same governance or people looking over the matches and scrutinizing what’s going on. I think some of the minor leagues particularly the Caribbean League, and Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, where there’s private ownership of the teams, it’s an area that needs to be monitored closely and keep an eye on. There’s a real danger that there’s the potential for corruption when the eyes of the cricket world aren’t so much focused on what’s going on there.”

To hear Waugh’s comments click here:

David Oram


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