Corruption in Cricket – A Response from John Holder

17th January 2014

Overthrows  – backing up strong returns

Earlier this week I reported Steve Waugh’s comments that the CPL, and other domestic T20 leagues, have the potential to be targets for corruption.

John Holder gives his opinion:

It is humanly impossible for the ICC and the rest of the boards around the world to police players 24 hours per day to keep them away from the malign temptation of match-fixing. There must be a huge, ongoing program of educating players and pointing out the perils of getting involved. The importance of integrity and pride must be stressed.  One should want to be remembered as a great player who played the game hard but fair, not a cheat. Nothing should potentially tarnish one’s reputation.
None of those who were caught and exposed thought that that would ever happen. They all thought that it was easy money and that no one but them and their paymasters would know, but they were exposed. My view of accepting bribes is that you are getting entangled in a spider’s web. After exposure, all that you have worked for will be forgotten and you will be forever remembered as a cheat or match-fixer.

John Holder

A tarnished reputation, and a criminal conviction. These are the deterrents. Sadly the monetary motivation may well remain a blinding temptation for the naïve and the vulnerable; and an acceptable risk for the cynical and corrupt.

David Oram


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