ICC’s Two-Tier Test System – Responses from John Holder and Martin Crowe

18th January 2014

Overthrows  – backing up strong returns

Yesterday I reported Rahul Dravid’s reaction to speculation that the ICC is about to adopt a two-tier Test Match system. Two divisions of four teams would likely see the West Indies in the lower league, with the spectre of the possible loss of Test cricket status hanging over them.

John Holder gives his opinion:

Dravid is quite right in saying that the Windies have no automatic right to be involved in Test cricket, as long as the same yardstick is applied to all the countries. It would be grossly unfair if the standard in Australia, England, India or South Africa dropped like it has in the Caribbean but they were treated differently. Only time will tell.

Further reaction has appeared in the form of an article by former New Zealand captain Martin Crowe on ESPN Cricinfo, in which he opposes the plan, and suggests instead a knock-out competition that he calls ‘The Test Cricket Open’.

But what is emerging today is that talk of a two-tier system is merely the tip of the iceberg in a far more sinister overhaul of the structure, administration, financing and playing of international cricket.

David Oram


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