West Indies Being Divorced by the New-look ICC

19th January 2014

Military Mediums – audio/visual highlights

Clips to the on-side.

Martin Crowe has commented further on the implications of the proposed restructuring of the ICC and abandonment of the Future Tours Programme. Talking to Gaurav Kalra on ESPN Cricinfo he said:

“Sport is cyclical. While the fact is the West Indies have been down for a while now it is possible that they could come again, and they’ve shown glimpses even in the last twelve months of their form returning. In the last couple of months they’ve gone off the boil again, but we must encourage the West Indies because this is their national game. This is an important part of the fabric of this country, a country that’s offered so much over the last hundred years to the overall game. We have to stay together as a family. We have to support each other when times are dire. We have to be together through thick and thin. It’s like a marriage. New Zealand are in the same situation.

“If we have a two-tier system then the West Indies and New Zealand will be put into the back paddock and they will slowly but surely lose their enthusiasm, if not their funds, and the game will start to wither away. And that cannot happen if the game of cricket is going to go on for another hundred years.”

You can view his conversation here.

For more discussion and insight listen to Peter Miller and Freddie Wilde assess the news on their Geek & Wilde podcast; and read the thoughts and observations of the great Gideon Haigh who has written intelligently on events in his Cuts and Glances blog.

David Oram


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