Couch Talk Highlights

27th January 2014

Military Mediums – audio/visual highlights

Clips to the on-side.

A very good source of quality audio interviews is Couch Talk with Subash Jayaram. He’s been busy lately, and three highly recommended conversations have become available within the last week: firstly, he chats with Mike Selvey, formerly of Middlesex and England, and now cricket correspondent for the Guardian in the UK. In his interview, Selvey recalls his Test debut versus the West Indies in 1976 and the quality of their pace attack. Secondly, Subash talks to the South African journalist, Telford Vice who reveals attempts by Cricket South Africa to ‘buy his silence’ over an unfavourable news story he had uncovered, which indirectly led to the curtailment of India’s tour to South Africa; and finally he chats with Mike Atherton, who talks about captaincy and gives his reaction to the infamous ‘Big Three draft proposal’.

One further item well worth a listen is a delightful interview with Australia’s oldest living Test cricketer, Arthur Morris in a conversation with ABC’s Richard Fidler they had in September of last year.

Staying in Australia, the CATV website has had a few items well worth a view: Mark Waugh was recently inducted into the Cricket Australia Hall of Fame, and here is coverage of it (including Mark Taylor recalling an amusing story of Waugh facing Essex county colleague Mark Ilott in a Test Match); and on a more poignant note here is coverage of a memorial to Tibby Cotter, Australia’s only Test cricketer to lose his life in World War One. Of a far less reverential nature here is Michael Slater’s execrable interview with Ellyse Perry and Meg Lanning, members of Australia’s women’s cricket team.

Next a view of the ladies’ game in a far more rewarding, far less condescending context – a BBC report on the growth of women’s cricket in Tanzania.

And finally, he’s another guy getting his hand on NZ$100,000 in cash.

David Oram


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