The Cricket Coup – Latest Reactions

27th January 2014

Picking the Spin from the Rough – stuff well worth reading

A selection of items I’ve recently come across I think you might enjoy.

The weekend papers in the Caribbean carried several informed articles, providing mainly intelligent responses to the shenanigans of the oppressive Big Three.

Top of the list was the revered Tony Cozier, who in his syndicated article observes that “the BCCI has done nothing to soften its image as the bullyboy of the game.” You can read his evaluation on ESPN Cricinfo here. Cricinfo also continues carrying an index page of its full coverage of the story, which includes a summary of Mike Atherton’s response in the UK’s Times newspaper. Another heavyweight adding his voice to those condemning the draft proposals is Clive Lloyd. And in his blog for The Australian, Gideon Haigh maintains a strong output.

Returning to reaction in the Caribbean, in Kaieteur News the great fast bowler, Colin Croft comments that “this new proposed cricket cartel… (is) conspiring to steal world cricket, except that they are committing larceny of our cricket in bright open sunlight, in front of our very faces!” You can read the rest of his comments here.

Tony Becca in the Jamaica Gleaner feels that “the very thought of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, the reality of cricket being fully in the hands of England, Australia, and India, or any one, two or three countries permanently is madness.” The full article is here.

The Antigua Observer reports that former WICB vice-president, Clarvis Joseph has accused the current board of cowardice in their failure to respond publicly. However, in the same paper, the WICB’s Head of Communications, Imran Khan is reported as saying that the draft proposal could work in the WICB’s favour.

Meanwhile, in the Trinidad Guardian, Vinode Mamchan quotes West Indies’ former ‘A’ Team manager, Colin Borde who says “they are already running cricket. Anyone following this sport closely will realise that they get away with anything they do and the others are just there staying quiet.”

And finally, in the Trinidad Express, Fazeer Mohammed observes “India… has been elevated from servant to master, so forcing the long-time overlords to accept the inevitable… even as they hold their noses and mutter to themselves about what the hell the world is coming to with all this chicken tikka masala and aloo paratha displacing the bacon and scrambled eggs in the sterling silver trays of their ivory towers.” You can read all the rest of his incoherent babble here, if you so wish.

David Oram


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