The Cricket Coup Amendment – WICB Caves In

29th January 2014

Picking the Spin from the Rough – stuff well worth reading

A selection of items I’ve recently come across I think you might enjoy.

The opening session of a two-day gathering of the ICC proved enough. The session may have been fractious, and it may have lasted 6 hours, but it was decisive. It’s a maxim in Test cricket that you can’t win a contest in the first session, but that you can certainly lose it. And that’s precisely what the WICB has done with its limp, lame, tame declaration.

You can read the ICC’s press release here, which trumpets ‘unanimous’ agreement for the tweaked drafted proposal, although several boards then came forward to suggest that this was nothing but spin. What the amendments are, and what they mean, can be digested here.

The WICB’s document, issued a few hours later, is cheerfully calypso – it’s guile, flights of fancy and twists on the turn of events are worthy of Ramadhin and Valentine. It seems that the BCCI, CA & the ECB are now those ‘three little pals of mine’. In the Trinidad Express, Garth Wattley lyrically expresses his reaction. The Stabroek News further reflects the feelings of Wattley and fellow senior Caribbean cricket observers, Fazeer Mohammed and Barry Wilkinson that the WICB should not be taking a supportive stance on the revamped proposals. While former wicket-keeper Deryck Murray also had misgivings. And in a sombre response, the Barbados Advocate fears rejection.

Also worth reading is Gideon Haigh, who has written his usual weighty assessment.

David Oram


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