A Future Spent Looking Backwards

7th February 2014

Picking the Spin from the Rough – stuff well worth reading

A selection of items I’ve recently come across I think you might enjoy.

The fall out from the ICC’s draft proposal and the WICB’s response still lingers on. This previous weekend Tony Cozier shared his grave misgivings.

With so much concern being voiced for West Indies’ future, and the weakness of their political position and cricket team at the present, it’s perhaps natural that a lot of writing has appeared looking back.

The Sportskeeda website has reflected on WI’s immediate past, and passed judgement on its achievements, or lack of them, in the last couple of years to assess where they’re at now.  Trinidad & Tobago Sports Minister, Anil Roberts was far more blunt recently when he dubbed WI’s cricketers ‘ignorant and greedy’.

Tony Cozier, again, has written that the recent travails of the WI team are as much to do with the rigours of the modern tour, and compares contemporary schedules with those of previous decades.

While on the subject of arduous tours, ESPN Cricinfo’s Martin Williamson recalls when England undertook simultaneous Test tours in both the West Indies & New Zealand.

Australia’s The Roar website has also recalled West Indies’ past, and has outlined the lessons that must be learnt by the present Australian team to not repeat the decline of the great WI side.

Also looking back was Bruce Pairaudeau, who recalled his 1st Test for the West Indies v India in 1953, while Colin Croft has recalled how he broke through into his regional, and then his Test team.

Cricket Country as usual has provided several well-crafted items: Arunabha Sengupta is another casting a backward glance, recalling the Adelaide Test between Australia & West Indies in 1969; and Tony Greig’s run out of Alvin Kallicharran at Port of Spain in 1974.

And finally, the same website offers its customary round up of birthday features: recently we’ve had profiles of Franklyn Rose, Lendl Simmons and George Headley’s grandson, England’s Dean Headley.

David Oram


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