More from John Holder on Brad Haddin’s ‘passion’

9th October 2014

Overthrows  – backing up strong returns

Yesterday John Holder gave us his view on Australia’s tactic of throwing the ball dangerously near the batsman in returning to the wicket-keeper, and Brad Haddin’s “foul-mouthed abuse”. He shared a further thought this morning:

What is poor about the vile outburst is that there were sensitive stump microphones in each wicket so both the third umpire and match referee would have heard the foul and abusive comment, yet did nothing.
It is likely that the on field umpires, both Pakistani, are inexperienced at that level and are trying to climb the umpiring ladder. They probably were overawed by the big name players and do not want to rock the boat. Sadly, there are umpires everywhere who turn a blind eye to bad behaviour because they want to have an easy life and will never rock the boat. Dickie and Shep were past masters at this, though standards of behaviour were nothing like as bad as it is now.
On a more pleasant note I see that the Windies thrashed India by 124 runs. Hooray!! Let us see if they can repeat that performance and just win again.

John Holder


2 thoughts on “More from John Holder on Brad Haddin’s ‘passion’

  1. David Oram Post author

    John –
    Yes I entirely agree with you. In light of all the publicity over ‘bullying’ and loutish behaviour in the England dressing room emerging from the KP book, and the reaction to it (all of which is less like watching a traffic accident, and more like seeing a sewage pipe burst) – perhaps there will be an international reaction against abuse both on and off the field?

    The outcry against James Anderson’s abusive outburst, and the media denounciation of the racist crowd heckling of Moeen Ali, may lead towards an ICC clampdown on all forms of unpleasantness. Is it too much to ask for the authorities to be outspoken and not mealy-mouthed about foul mouths?


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