More Links and Some Feedback re the WI Players’ Strike

24th October 2014

Military Mediums – audio/visual highlights

Clips to the on-side

I’ve had some great feedback re my piece on the WI players’ strike, and the international coverage of the story.

George Dobell was kind enough to retweet it to his audience of ‘followers’, giving it a potential wider readership, describing it as ‘an interesting reaction piece’. Cheers, George!

Dennis Freedman of Dennis Does Cricket and Can’t Bowl, Can’t Throw fame said it was the ‘definitive guide to the West Indies crisis… it is world class.‘ All hyperbole gratefully received and accepted, Dennis!

Other than Cricinfo’s Senior Correspondent, and Australia’s finest cricket satirist, even more expert reaction has been forthcoming:

Michael Oram (Sir George Monoux Grammar School) described the article as a ‘superb analysis‘; Andy Smellie (MCC Indoor School – say ‘hi’ to Monty for me) said it was ‘excellent stuff!‘; while the learned Professor Alan Harvey (University of Western Australia) concurred: ‘excellent piece mate‘. Thank you folks!

On top of all that, the superb Mike Atherton himself has actually left feedback comments on the RBH site, to which I’ve replied. What a legend!

And for those that may want more coverage of the story itself, here are a few more links:

If you have a couple of hours to spare, here’s a recording of the entire edition of this week’s Mason & Guests in which we discussed the implications of the strike with, among others, George Dobell, Andy Roberts, Mike Findlay, Barry Wilkinson, Dr Rudi Webster and Fazeer Mohammed, available via Soundcloud. The guys (and gals) over at gave their comments on the show here.

Elsewhere, Geoff Boycott gave his view on events in ESPN Cricinfo’s Bowl at Boycs podcast; Mark Butcher comments on the same website; Cricinfo suggests that the BCCI is not looking for damages against the WICB; Mark Nicholas writes intelligently on how relations between the BCCI and WICB need to be repaired; while today, former WI captain, Darren Ganga has called for a full investigation into the tour’s abandonment.

On a satirical note, Cricinfo offers up a couple of cartoons; Andrew Hughes imagines the scene in the dressing room as the players discussed their withdrawal; and Alex Bowden highlights a few of the players’ tweets this week.

And for those who want to read them, here are links to the letters/email exchanges by Dwayne Bravo and Wavell Hinds, and Bravo’s emails to WICB President, Dave Cameron.

David Oram

David Oram is the resident ‘statto’, and sometime presenter of ‘Mason & Guests’ – Voice of Barbados’ weekly cricket talk show, the leading cricket radio show in the West Indies – hosted by the Caribbean’s principal  radio commentator, Andrew Mason. You can tweet me at DavidOram@colblimp1983.


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