Pring backs

6th November 2014

Picking the Spin from the Rough – stuff well worth reading

“Oh pingback my Bonnie to me”

I’ll be taking a break from Roland Butcher’s Hook from ‘close of play’ Friday, as Christine and I head off for a fortnight’s holiday in New Orleans.

Earlier this week, Dmitri said he was taking a break too. But it hasn’t stopped him giving RBH a plug or two – as ever, Sir – many thanks. If you aren’t already reading everything that appears on How Did We Lose in Adelaide, then why not? I don’t always agree with what he says, but ‘by Heavens!’ he says it well.

Yesterday he took to task Derek Pringle’s piece reporting the appointment of Mark Ramprakash as England’s batting coach, and his comparison with his predecessor, Graham Gooch. He accused him of having a ‘Chelmsford cosa nostra agenda’.

‘Pring’ must have name-checked Gooch in his columns more than any other non-active cricketer in the last few years, and there is a reason why.

He is a hero.

At least he has always been ‘my’ hero, and Pringle evidently shares a measure of that admiration.

We members of the Chelmsford cosa nostra (and I am a mere foot soldier) know who our ‘made men’ are.

I can’t help having a soft spot for Derek Pringle lately – he answered a question of mine in a Couch Talk interview recently; pointed me in the direction of essential 60s/70s LPs when I asked him his opinion on Twitter; and yesterday he gave a mention to the ‘Mason & Guests’ show on which I featured this week. I suspect Derek may even have read my ‘Breaking News’ piece.

But to return to Dmitri, and the real reason I’m here today.

In his post yesterday, he said the following:

I do feel slightly relieved over Misbah’s record ton. It now means I missed the third fastest test century of all time (in the flesh) not the second. For those of you not familiar with the story, on the third day of the 2006-7 Ashes Test in Perth, our gang of four decided the joys of our swimming pool and getting spruced up for a night on the town took precedence over hanging about while Australia added to their 400 lead. Clarke had just completed his century, and we’d just got Symonds out as Gilchrist walked to the crease. As we walked towards the exit, I uttered these words to Sir Peter “I hope we don’t miss something here, because this is the type of situation when Gilchrist could go off.” 

The swimming pool was lovely. So cool after a day at over 40C. Yes. We missed all of that hundred. We still laugh about it.

Lovely stuff! I do like little personal cricket stories, often the more whimsical the better.

It prompted me to leave one of my own, (and one of friends of my Father’s), on his site in response. And I’ve now done a bit of ‘copy & pasting’ to bring it home.

You can read it here.



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