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14th December 2014

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Click here for the WICB Task Force Conclusions and Recommendations

A short while ago the WICB released the findings of the Task Force looking into the strike action taken by the West Indies ODI players in India in October.

This has appeared attached to a Board press release following a Directors’ meeting in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad yesterday.

The Press release reads as follows:

For immediate release
Sunday, December 14, 2014

Decisions from WICB Board of Directors meeting

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – The Board of Directors of the West Indies Cricket Board met in Port of Spain, Trinidad yesterday, December 13, 2014. The Board deliberated on a number of matters including cricketing, governance, developmental, commercial and scheduling.

Notably the Board received the Task Force and was briefed on the vision for selection by Selection Panel member Courtney Browne who represented Chairman of Selectors Clive Lloyd who is on tour with the West Indies Test squad in South Africa.


The Board received the report of the Task Force which was commissioned to review the matters relating to the premature end to the tour of India.

Chairman Michael Gordon QC presented the report and responded to questions and clarifications from members of the Board. Attached are the conclusions and recommendations of the Task Force Report. The Board is currently studying the full report and will make a subsequent announcement.

The other members of the Task Force were Sir Wes Hall and Sir Richard Cheltenham QC.


The Board of Directors has reviewed the various governance reports and will set a date to further discuss the various recommendations with a view to implementing best practice in corporate governance.


The Board received a recommendation from management for the venues for the Australia tour of the West Indies 2015. This recommendation was made following the bidding process.

West Indies vs Australia Test Series schedule
May 30-June 1: Warm up match – Antigua (Australia vs Team To Be Confirmed)
June 5-9: First Test – Windsor Park, Dominica
June 13-17: Second Test – Sabina Park, Jamaica


Mr. Courtney Browne briefed the Board of Directors on the vision of the Selection Panel for selection to the West Indies teams. Mr. Browne outlined the background and history of West Indies Team Selection in recent years and the vision and thinking of the Selection Panel with regard to selection of the West Indies Men’s Team in the three international formats – Test, One Day International and Twenty20 Internationals.


Director of Cricket Richard Pybus briefed the Board of Directors on a number of matters including WICB and West Indies Players relationship, West Indies Team Culture, Elite Player Education Programme for all West Indies Players, Coaching Programme and Regional Curator Programme.


The Board approved a recommendation from management to institute a formal rotational system for the hosting of the WICB Women and Age Group tournaments.

Regional Women’s Tournament Host Venues*
2015 – Trinidad and Tobago
2016 – Guyana
2017 – Windward Islands
2018 – Barbados
2019 – Jamaica

Regional Under 15 Tournament Host Venues*
2015 – Guyana
2016 – Windward Islands
2017 – Barbados
2018 – Jamaica
2019 – Leeward Islands

Regional Under 19 Tournament Host Venues*
2015 – Jamaica
2016 – Windward Islands
2017 – Leeward Islands
2018 – Barbados
2019 – Trinidad and Tobago

*Subject to the Territorial Board’s willingness to host within the agreed tournament budget.

The Board approved a recommendation from management that all territories must have on-going women’s cricket league tournaments in order to be allowed to participate in the WICB Regional Tournament.

The Board recommended that Windward Islands should host their women’s tournament between four teams in order to select two teams from the Windward Islands.


The Task Force report can be read here:

WICB Task Force Conclusions and Recommendations

Reading it prompted me to send the below email to the eminent Reds Perreira, voicing my immediate reaction:

Good evening Reds!

Interesting findings by the Task Force!

One assumes the WICB will act accordingly and in line with the recommendations.

On the surface a generally sound report – but with this final, frankly disingenuous, ‘everybody and nobody to blame’ approach, West Indies cricket will effectively sweep the entire affair under a carpet – and no-one will be held accountable.

That is absolutely SHAMEFUL and DISGRACEFUL.

It is a mockery that will not help WI cricket, the WICB, WIPA and the international players to put their house in order.

I still maintain that both Dwayne Bravo and Dave Cameron should be held accountable. Bravo should be sacked, and Cameron should be made to resign. Wavell Hinds should be made to seek immediate re-election as head of WIPA – let his colleagues seal his fate, and whether he too should go.

I’m afraid this fudge is not good enough.

West Indies cricket administration remains a laughing-stock – and more importantly, this ‘glossing over’ exercise, I fear, will NOT impress upon the BCCI or ICC that the WICB is sufficiently putting its affairs in order, and enough so for them to show some clemency towards the pursuit of USD$42m remuneration.

Once again I believe people are thinking only how this looks within the Caribbean, and overlooking what it says to the outside cricket world.

CLR James is oft quoted as encouraging sincere cricket people to look ‘Beyond a Boundary’.

How many cricket people in the Caribbean, beyond a very select few, genuinely manage to consider the perception of West Indian events beyond their own backyard?

Best regards


It may be that I will re-read the WICB press release, and accompanying Task Force findings and modify my opinion.

It may be that the WICB will not itself adopt the Task Force’s recommendations – though of course to disregard them would now cause even greater disharmony in West Indian cricket.

Throughout this whole sorry affair the ODI players’ representatives have called for ‘no discrimination’ and ‘no victimisation’. That has been a very fresh, and amusing approach to taking a defensive position in mitigation of misdeeds.

Misdemeanours have been committed by several parties, and yet it appears no-one will now be found guilty.

And who is going to pay that outstanding court fine of compensation damages to the BCCI?

David Oram

David Oram is the resident ‘statto’, and sometime presenter of ‘Mason & Guests’ – Voice of Barbados’ weekly cricket talk show, the leading cricket radio show in the West Indies – hosted by the Caribbean’s principal  radio commentator, Andrew Mason. You can tweet me at DavidOram@colblimp1983.


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