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First Past the Last Post

27th April 2015

Patrolling the Boundary  – a view from the outfield

The new Chairman of the ECB, Colin Graves recently marked his arrival in the role with a few eye-raising pronouncements: he excited expectation by appearing to concede that were was a chance Kevin Pietersen could return to England’s Test side; he insisted that anything less than an emphatic series win in the Caribbean was unacceptable for an England side up against the ‘mediocre’ West Indies; and he confirmed he would push for the introduction of 4-day Tests.

Glad to hear English cricket is now in safe hands!

In fact, of the above statements, only the second can really be given any credence. But how happy the West Indies would have been if 4-day Tests were already with us!

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The Lost Cardus Papers – no.1

22nd April 2015

Wagging the Tail  – lower order contributions

James Haskins, my dear late Uncle Jimmy, was a devoted cricket enthusiast, and life-long member of Kent CCC.

I spent many a long, lazy afternoon in his pleasant company, sitting back idly watching the gentle ebb and flow of County Championship contests – exchanging stories, and execrable puns.

When he died last year after a lengthy illness, he passed on to me a series of papers that had come his way back in the early 1980s.

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Where Are WI Now?

20th April 2015

Patrolling the Boundary  – a view from the outfield

We left Barbados in January, and my wife, Christine and I moved into our new home in Islamabad a little over a week ago. It has been a hectic time!

Since Christmas, preparations for the big move and then the huge upheaval itself, was followed by a few months back in Britain – catching up with friends and family – effectively homeless (our UK home is rented out) enjoying a nomadic existence, sleeping in a different guest bedroom or guesthouse most nights, and wondering why on Earth we had timed our move to coincide with the English winter?

I had hoped that before I left the Caribbean I’d find/make time to compose a final, farewell piece on the place I’d lived and adored since July 2011. But sadly I didn’t.

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