First Among Unequals – a response by a contributor

12th May 2015

Overthrows  – backing up strong returns

I applaud your well written, balanced article. Your clear articulation of the necessity and responsibility for proper representation by our cricketers is the essential point that Don Marshall misses or chooses to miss.

The notion that cricketers must maximize their earnings is well understood but WI cricketers are not poorly paid and there is no similarity whatsoever to their lowly status during the Packer years. Therefore, Don overstates the issue of income security and Webster mounts an intellectually lazy argument with his reference to the Packer years.

WICB should make all efforts to schedule games outside of the IPL period. But our weather patterns and the availability of other teams means a lot of our cricket cannot be played at home between June to October. Therefore trying to isolate the IPL period is challenging for WICB. However an honest effort at scheduling must be made.

David, you make a simple but cogent point. Players must make a personal decision – if you wish to prioritize IPL over WI cricket, that is while the IPL is on they are not available for WI. If they do decide that then we must not vilify them but respect their decision. However, they should not be selected for WI duty as no player should cherry-pick playing for WI.

Most international players in the IPL leave whilst needed for international duty. The NZ players will leave the IPL to be available for the first Test against England. Also, Australian players are already departing to return to Australia to participate in preparation for the WI series. Our players would do well to adopt a similar stance as representation should trump everything !!


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1 thought on “First Among Unequals – a response by a contributor

  1. Michael Oram

    An excellent response to your quality piece. As your respondent correctly points out, there are numerous players in the IPL that leave during the tournament to represent their country in test matches. There is no reason why West Indies players cannot do so as well if it is written into their contracts.


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