Dennis Does Cricket – with David

20th June 2015

Military Mediums – audio/visual highlights

Clips to the on-side.

Can’t Bowl, Can’t Throw is the most amusing cricket podcast around.

It has a large and admiring listenership, enjoying the show’s irreverence and delight in the cricketing absurd. It’s put together in Australia by Dennis Freedman and his regular co-host, Cat Jones.

Dennis also does more serious-minded cricket news podcasts and interviews (his most recent was an exclusive conversation with the Indian cricket mogul, Lalit Modi which you can listen to here). I’ve been fortunate enough to do a couple of such podcasts with Dennis before about issues in the Caribbean, but this was my debut on the main show.

Joining Dennis and Cat, we three looked back at the recent West Indies series versus Australia, and before that England, and ahead to the upcoming Ashes battle. As the self-styled ‘Englishman following the West Indies from Islamabad’ I am obviously best placed to share my views!

We also handed out the much-coveted ‘Scott Muller’ award – given regularly to the most deserving recent piece of buffoonery in world cricket – and I couldn’t resist bringing along my own nominations to the ceremony.

So please click here and listen to the latest edition of the show – I hope you enjoy it as much I did appearing in it.

And please stay tuned to future editions of Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw! (The next show is due to feature The Sun’s cricket correspondent, John Etheridge).

You can find Dennis’ website, Dennis Does Cricket, where he writes tons of witty and insightful, here.

You can find Can’t Bowl, Can’t Throw here, and on Soundcloud here, including loads of great back issues.

And you can tweet Dennis at @denniscricket_ and Cat at @Cricketbatcat.



3 thoughts on “Dennis Does Cricket – with David

  1. Michael Oram

    Excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the story of the stumps from the England series being reused by the Windies for the Australian test matches with the names being changed by marker pen and then Adam Voges taking a stump as a souvenir!! Well worth the listen.


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