John Holder on Reds Perreira’s commentary ban

4th July 2015

Overthrows  – backing up strong returns

I have said for some time that the two most incompetent boards in cricket are Pakistan and the Windies. It is also clear that the president is a muppet. For him to object to valid comments on the state of cricket in the Caribbean is a prime example of burying one’s head in the sand. The performance of the Test team is indicative of the state of play in the region.

With a combination of poor performance on field and equally poor decisions by the Board, West Indies cricket has for some time become the laughing stock of world cricket. Despite Cameron’s narrow minded, self serving decisions, there will be no improvement until attitudes change.

John Holder

John Holder is a highly respected former international umpire, who stood in Tests & ODIs between 1988-2001, and in 1st-class cricket from 1982-2009. He was also the innovative mind behind the introduction of the ‘bowl-out’ to settle washed out one-day games.


2 thoughts on “John Holder on Reds Perreira’s commentary ban

  1. realthog

    Makes you wonder if anyone in a position of power who’s called David Cameron is necessarily a complete bloody disaster, doesn’t it?

    I can think of two examples to support my hypothesis.

    1. David Oram Post author

      Indeed! I’m almost tempted to google ‘David Cameron’ to see if there are any further twits in authority of that name!


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