The Willow in the WIndies – bat no. 2

8th August 2015

The Caribbean cricket podcast

Episode 2 – Success For Guyana with Reds Perreira

Welcome to edition no.2 of The Willow in the WIndies.

Joining me again is Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira to look at recent events in West Indies cricket and in the wider world.

With England having just secured the Ashes we examine Australia’s shortcomings against the moving ball and consider if this is a neglected skill in the Caribbean too?

We look at the recent success of Guyana in both regional age group cricket and ask if we are seeing a Guyanese renaissance, despite other off-field challenges being faced by the nation?

We also discuss the implications of a newspaper report suggesting many senior international West Indies cricketers have withdrawn from WIPA, the West Indies Players’ Association union.

And finally, we recall two major figures ‘behind the scenes’ of West Indies cricket who died this week: Captain Peter Short in Barbados and Ron Legall in Guyana.

You can listen to the podcast here:

David Oram


2 thoughts on “The Willow in the WIndies – bat no. 2

  1. Michael Oram

    Excellent up to date news and comment about what is happening in the West Indies at the present time. Well done. Keep it coming.


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