The Willow in the WIndies – An Umpiring Special with John Holder

13th September 2015

The Caribbean cricket podcast

Special Edition – Umpiring Issues with John Holder

Welcome to this special edition of The Willow in the WIndies.

I caught up with my good friend, former international umpire John Holder and we covered a variety of topics, focusing mainly on umpiring themes. The subjects we covered in our conversation included:

John’s involvement with the You Are the Umpire column in The Observer and on BBC radio’s Test Match Special; the Ben Stokes ‘obstructing the field’ incident; the role of the third umpire; the relevance of the toss in Test cricket; the relative merits of the old ‘back-foot’ no-ball law and the modern ‘front-foot law; umpire safety; whether the third umpire should call no-balls for overstepping; the batting genius of John’s former Hampshire team-mate Barry Richards; and fellow Barbadian Hants team-mate Roy Marshall; John’s own playing career and injury troubles; Steven Finn and the amendment to the no-ball law for the bowler disturbing the stumps; and the upcoming book on John by another former Hampshire team-mate (and author of the recent book on Barry Richards), Andrew Murtagh.

You can listen to the podcast here:

David Oram


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