Proposal to rename the Frank Worrell Trophy the Worrell/Benaud Trophy

16th September 2015

Patrolling the Boundary  – a view from the outfield

Earlier today I sent the below email to the West Indies Cricket Board’s CEO Michael Muirhead.

I hope that the WICB and Cricket Australia will give the idea some consideration.

Dear Mr CEO

May I put an idea to you and your Board?

Would now be an appropriate time for the WICB & Cricket Australia to rename the Sir Frank Worrell Trophy as ‘The Worrell/Benaud Trophy’?

Most international trophies contested between bilateral nations recognise legendary participants of both countries.

In this year of the late, great Richie Benaud’s passing would it not be fitting for the trophy contested between the two sides to also bear the name of the man whose leadership alongside Sir Frank, both on and off the field, so contributed to and complemented the magnificent cricket, sincere friendships forged and lasting respect between these two magnificent cricket nations?

Perhaps the winner of the forthcoming series down-under could be presented with the trophy by an icon player from that series (Sir Garfield Sobers or Alan Davidson for example) or Richie Benaud’s widow?

I offer this suggestion for you and your Board’s consideration as something to maybe put forward to your Australian counterparts.

Kindest regards

David Oram


One thought on “Proposal to rename the Frank Worrell Trophy the Worrell/Benaud Trophy

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