More from John on Narine & Pitches

27th January 2016

Overthrows  – backing up strong returns

John Holder has followed up on his previous comments on Sunil Narine and pitches:

Hi David,

The reasons why so much time and effort are being put into remodelling Narine’s action are twofold. He is a match winner in one day cricket and he can earn a fortune in so doing. But the reality is that I do not know of any chucker who has been successful after undergoing remedial work on his action. If you were to see Saeed Ajmal bowl now you would be amazed. His action looks nothing like it did when he was chucking and he is now totally ineffective. I have not seen Shillingford but his results post working with Vasbert Drakes speak volumes.

Back in my Hampshire days, Tony Lock had to undergo similar work because he threw his faster ball. He left Surrey and played for Leicester. In a county match against us, he was bowling to Peter Sainsbury who was fighting a dogged rearguard action to avert defeat. Suddenly, and to Sainsbury’s amazement, a ball whistled past his nostrils to the keeper. Lock had resorted back to throwing.

There was also the South African fast bowler Geoff Griffin who was called for throwing. His career came to an early end despite efforts to correct his throwing.

There is a Barbadian groundsman, Paul Taylor who was second in command at Northampton who would be the ideal person to advise the Caribbean umpires on groundsmanship.He did a fantastic job at Northants and would be only too happy to help the WICB. Obviously, he would have to be paid but for me he is the ideal man.



John’s comment on Lock reminds me of the old story about Doug Insole. Once when bowled by Lock he turned to the square leg umpire to ask whether he’d been bowled or run out!

Meanwhile, here’s further news about John:

Congratulations, sir!

John Holder is a highly respected former international umpire, who stood in Tests & ODIs between 1988-2001, and in 1st-class cricket from 1982-2009. He was also the innovative mind behind the introduction of the ‘bowl-out’ to settle washed out one-day games.


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