Light at the End of the Tunnel

16th February 2016

The Mason & Guests Show

This week’s edition of ‘Mason & Guests’ came directly from the Accra Beach Hotel in Barbados where the WICB were holding a reception to acclaim their returning U19 World Cup winners.

I was asked to write and record an introduction to the players for the beginning of the programme, which you can read below, and hear here.

The full edition of the show is available to listen to here.

Let’s be honest, these have been the darkest times for West Indies cricket.

Defeats, disasters, disputes, dissent – & a descant down to the depths of the ICC rankings tables have seen the Caribbean plunged into a prolonged gloom.

This programme has for the past 5 yrs asked over & again the perennial questions: ‘Have WI turned the corner?’; ‘Is there light at the end of the tunnel?’ Well, the corner may yet be a few turns away – but we’ve now seen that light.

If you. like me, rose early from your bed this weekend, at that darkest hour we finally saw it. It shone in bright young men, playing bright, effervescent cricket. Heroes that lit up an event, & 15,000 miles away from their loved ones, lit up their people too. Boys grew into men in the course of a few short weeks – & brought back home a World Cup, & renewed hope.

The names to be honoured are: Pope, Imlach, Carty, Springer, Goolie, Paul, Frew, John, Joseph, Holder; captained by Hetmeyer. But let’s not forget the contributions of Smith, Kallicharran, Crooks, Stewart & McCoy. Or the support staff: manager Gill & coaches West, Collymore & Drakes, & all the others who helped make this happen.

The Mason & Guests show salutes them all.

These young players share in a great glory for today, & a golden promise for the future.

Let us hope & pray they shine brightly & true for years to come.

David Oram


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