Who Ate All the Pies?

27th April 2016

Around the World in 2 – a few occasional off-breaks

Each week for ‘Mason & Guests’ I put together a brief summary of cricket events outside the Caribbean, round-up the week’s notable WI birthdays & anniversaries, & throw in a few ‘Did You Know?’ facts:

“Hello! This is David Oram taking you ‘Around the World in 2‘:

“In the IPL, the Kolkata Knight Riders featuring Andre Russell & Sunil Narine are joint-top with the Gujarat Lions featuring Dwaynes Smith & Bravo. The King’s XI Punjab, who’ve no West Indies players in their squad, are bottom.

“Elsewhere, in Pakistan’s 50-over competition, the Cool Cool National One Day Cup, Younis Khan stormed out of the tournament in protest at the substandard umpiring in the match between Cake Rusk Punjab & his side, Giggly Boom Boom Bubble Gum KPK. Maybe Younis was also protesting at the sub-standard team names?

“Meanwhile. I’d like to Spare a Thought for the family & friends of Barbados sports journalist, Petra Gooding who died recently at the tragic young age of 31.” 

A Few Birthdays & Anniversaries:  

“100 yrs ago today, former Ire capt Francis Browning died aged 48. He was fatally shot in Dublin during the 1916 Easter Uprising against British Rule by Republicans who mistook him for a British soldier. He appeared 38 times for his country between 1888-1909, & was also President of the Irish Rugby Football Union.

“Thur sees the anniversary of the 1898 birth of GH Adams, who played a single match for Barbados as WK in 1925, making 1 & 14 & taking a stumping – but also conceding 21 byes. It was his only 1st-class game. He did enjoy greater success in later life – serving as Premier of Barbados from 1953-58; & as the PM of the West Indies Federation from 1958-62. Sir Grantley Herbert Adams, one of Barbados’ 10 National Heroes, died in 1971, aged 73.

“Other notable dates this week include the 28th birthday of Shannon Gabriel on Thurs; & of Andre Russell on Fri. Thur also sees the 82nd birthday of former intl umpire George Browne from St Vincent; while it would have been the 86th birthday of the late, great Alf Valentine. His ‘spin twin’, Sonny Ramadhin celebrates his 87th birthday next Sun.

“Sun is also the 65th birthday of Gordon Greenidge; the 63rd of Nevis’ Elquemedo Willett, who played 5 Tests for WI between 1973-75; & Sun is also the birthday of Wanderers’ highly respected coach, Ricky Clarke – who was once flattering enough to tell me that he thought ‘Around the World in 2’ is the most edifying thing on the radio.

“Fri will be the 50th birthday of Phil Tufnell. He took 121 wkts in 42 Tests; is generally regarded as Eng’s best spinner of the 1990s; & possibly its worst fielder & batsman of the period too. Known as ‘Cat’ because he was usually asleep in the dressing room; & if awake he was normally found with a beer & a fag. But Did You Know he retired from cricket suddenly in 2003 so he could appear on the reality TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ – which he won. He’s remained a popular media fig since, being a team capt on the quiz ‘A Question of Sport’ & is a regular summariser on Test Match Special.

“& finally, Sun is a century since the death from pneumonia aged 42 of William Foulke, who played 4 times as an all-rounder for Derbys in 1900 – but is better known as the legendary goalkeeper, Fatty Foulkes. At 6ft 4 & 25 stone he was a giant presence between the football posts; & when playing cricket, teams would often appeal against the light when he came into bat because they claimed he blotted out the sun. He played in goal for Eng & for Sheffield Utd, winning a league title in 1898, & played in 3 FA Cup finals, winning 2 & losing to non-league Tottenham Hotspur in 1901. He transferred to Chelsea for the princely sum of £50 in 1905; but by 1907 his career was over. In 1910 he was convicted of being involved with illegal betting; & according to some reports, ended his days in poverty, working in a funfair sideshow on Blackpool beach, saving penalties. It’s also believed that the phenomenal Fatty Foulkes was the original target of the famous football chant ‘who ate all the pies’?

“Until next time, this has been ‘Around the World in 2′ with David Oram.”

You can listen to the above round-up here.

The Mason & Guests show is broadcast live every Tuesday from 6.15-8pm ECT (10.15pm-midnight GMT) on Voice of Barbados 92.9fm, and can be heard by clicking on ‘LISTEN LIVE’ on the website page via the link provided. To catch up on previous broadcasts, click on this link to the show’s archives.

David Oram

David Oram is an Englishman following West Indies cricket from Islamabad. When I lived in the region, I was the resident ‘statto’, co-host and sometime presenter of ‘Mason & Guests’ – http://www.vob929.com/ weekly cricket talk-show, the sport’s leading radio show in the WIndies – hosted by the Caribbean’s principal radio commentator, Andrew Mason. You can tweet me at DavidOram@colblimp1983.


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