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Knights, Legends and Rebels

23rd June 2015

Military Mediums – audio/visual highlights

Clips to the on-side

It’s been far too long since I had a little round-up of quality TV/radio/internet items with a WIndies flavour – and these highlights are well worth an hour or so of your viewing/listening time:

Last month Voice of Barbados broadcast an evening show devoted to several of its island cricketing legends, in a programme hosted by David Ellis entitled Conversing with Our Legends. It featured interviews with Sir Everton Weekes, Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Wes Hall, Peter Lashley and Rawle Brancker. You can enjoy it here.

Sir Wes Hall was also recently the guest speaker at the WICB/WIPA Awards evening in Jamaica, just prior to the Sabina Park Test Match v Australia. He spoke amusingly, and reflectively to the gathered throng, looking back upon his own career and forward to the future of Caribbean cricket. You can hear his speech here.

Another Caribbean knight was interviewed this week on the excellent Couch Talk show. Sir Andy Roberts had the privilege of settling back onto Subash’s davenport to air his views, and you can listen to the interview here, and read a transcript of their conversation here.

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Dennis Does Cricket – with David

20th June 2015

Military Mediums – audio/visual highlights

Clips to the on-side.

Can’t Bowl, Can’t Throw is the most amusing cricket podcast around.

It has a large and admiring listenership, enjoying the show’s irreverence and delight in the cricketing absurd. It’s put together in Australia by Dennis Freedman and his regular co-host, Cat Jones.

Dennis also does more serious-minded cricket news podcasts and interviews (his most recent was an exclusive conversation with the Indian cricket mogul, Lalit Modi which you can listen to here). I’ve been fortunate enough to do a couple of such podcasts with Dennis before about issues in the Caribbean, but this was my debut on the main show.

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‘A History of West Indies’ 500 Test Matches’ – radio show featuring Tony Cozier & Reds Perreira

18th December 2014

Military Mediums – audio/visual highlights

A History of West Indies’ 500 Test Matches

Listen here.

Earlier this year the West Indies became the 3rd cricket playing nation to achieve the milestone of 500 Test Matches.

To commemorate the event, and to reflect on the history of WI international cricket, this programme – from wVentRadio in St Lucia – takes us on the journey that began with WIndies’ earliest pre-Test days of the late 1890s and early tours of England in 1900, 1906 & 1923; and follows the team from its Test debut in 1928 through to the present day.

Tony Cozier and Reds Perreira – the Caribbean’s most celebrated and cherished cricket broadcasters – look back across those 86 years at the ups and downs, the highs and lows of the West Indies; at the successes, and the failures; remembering the tears of joy, and anguish; and the celebrations, and the recriminations – and they put it all in perspective within the great and glorious story which is the history of West Indies cricket.

This is essential listening.

You can listen to the entire broadcast here

or via Soundcloud here.


More Links and Some Feedback re the WI Players’ Strike

24th October 2014

Military Mediums – audio/visual highlights

Clips to the on-side

I’ve had some great feedback re my piece on the WI players’ strike, and the international coverage of the story.

George Dobell was kind enough to retweet it to his audience of ‘followers’, giving it a potential wider readership, describing it as ‘an interesting reaction piece’. Cheers, George!

Dennis Freedman of Dennis Does Cricket and Can’t Bowl, Can’t Throw fame said it was the ‘definitive guide to the West Indies crisis… it is world class.‘ All hyperbole gratefully received and accepted, Dennis!

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Ian Bradshaw on the Couch

14th October 2014

Military Mediums – audio/visual highlights

Clips to the on-side

The Cricket Couch, Subash Jayaraman is approaching the halfway point of his world cricket trip alongside his wife, Mrs Couch aka the Cricket Widow. Both of them have managed to maintain their diary entries despite the exhausting schedule – one, it must be said, rather more regularly than the other!

Kathleen’s regular reports, which include great written and visual snapshots of what she’s seen, are supplemented by her artistic little collages and sketches which she’s creating along the way. Her latest entry popped up today – you can read it here; and please go back and look at her previous entries.

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