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WI Must Enforce the ‘West Indies First’ Policy

7th May 2015

Picking the Spin from the Rough – stuff well worth reading

Barbados Today has this morning featured an editorial in which it outlines the need for the Caribbean authorities to enforce the ‘West Indies First’ policy for the continuing good of its regional cricket.

It is an excellent and convincing article – which I wholeheartedly agree with. As I commented in response to the piece on the publication’s website:

“The sooner WI can focus around players who are committed to the cricket of the region, and the people of the region – rather than the cricket of the IPL and the people of India – the better.”

I urge you to read the piece here:

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Pring backs

6th November 2014

Picking the Spin from the Rough – stuff well worth reading

“Oh pingback my Bonnie to me”

I’ll be taking a break from Roland Butcher’s Hook from ‘close of play’ Friday, as Christine and I head off for a fortnight’s holiday in New Orleans.

Earlier this week, Dmitri said he was taking a break too. But it hasn’t stopped him giving RBH a plug or two – as ever, Sir – many thanks. If you aren’t already reading everything that appears on How Did We Lose in Adelaide, then why not? I don’t always agree with what he says, but ‘by Heavens!’ he says it well.

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Mike Atherton’s article for The Times

23rd October 2014

Picking the Spin from the Rough – stuff well worth reading

Former England captain, Mike Atherton, the Cricket Correspondent of The Times in the UK, yesterday wrote a piece giving his view on the current West Indies crisis. Here it is, followed by my comments which were published online by The Times, and Mike Atherton’s response:

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Caribbean Mysteries

23rd September 2014

Picking the Spin from the Rough – stuff well worth reading

A few items to while a way an hour or so this week:

Abhishek Mukherjee profiles former West Indies cricketers, Herbert Chang and Alphonso Roberts for Cricket Country; and on the same website, Arunabha Sengupta identifies the link between my favourite author, Agatha Christie and West Indies cricket.

The New York Times provides a profile of Jermaine Lawson and his life in Brooklyn; and in the Barbados Nation, cricketer-turned-singer/songwriter, Omari Banks is profiled, alongside a video interview.
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A Sense of History and Wonderment

15th September 2014

Picking the Spin from the Rough – stuff well worth reading

The Caribbean has been blissfully looking back this week at its proud heritage, as the West Indies became the 3rd Test playing nation to reach the 500 mark.

WI’s Manager and acting Coach, Sir Richie Richardson explained that cricket is in the Caribbean genes, which may help to explain the incredible strength of WI teams of the past.

Cricket Country debated and selected its all-time West Indies XI, while many other writers shared their memories and impressions of some of WI’s cricketing greats.

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