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The Lost Cardus Papers – no.1

22nd April 2015

Wagging the Tail  – lower order contributions

James Haskins, my dear late Uncle Jimmy, was a devoted cricket enthusiast, and life-long member of Kent CCC.

I spent many a long, lazy afternoon in his pleasant company, sitting back idly watching the gentle ebb and flow of County Championship contests – exchanging stories, and execrable puns.

When he died last year after a lengthy illness, he passed on to me a series of papers that had come his way back in the early 1980s.

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Tonker Taylor, Soldier, Spy

9th October 2014

Wagging the Tail  – lower order contributions

So far this has been exclusively a cricket blog, but I think I’m going to allow myself the indulgence of writing or referring to other subjects, as long as I can justify it by finding some kind of cricket connection. The below satisfies that new rule (or being a cricket blog, perhaps I should say ‘Law’?):

Huw Turbervill is an accomplished sports journalist for the UK’s Daily Telegraph, and is also a fine cricket writer – including the highly recommended The Toughest Tour: The Ashes Away Series 1946 to 2007. Huw also has his own personal blog, on which he writes about sport in general, and another passion of his, quality television.

Yesterday he wrote a thoroughly enjoyable piece about his love of the BBC TV series Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. It inspired me to immediately respond with my own recollections of this first-rate drama. And for good measure, my Dad (who introduced me to it, and to John Le Carre generally), also adds his four-penny worth.

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Keith Arthurton Citation

23rd February 2014

Wagging the Tail – lower order contributions

Last Wednesday, the morning after this week’s Mason & Guests show, I got a call from Steven Leslie, Manager of the CCC. We’d both been on the show the previous evening:

DO: “I recognise that voice! What can I do for you, Steven?”

SL: “Hi, David. I heard you do that brief piece last night marking Keith Arthurton’s birthday. We’re making a presentation for him on Sunday. Can we use that piece as a citation?”

DO: “Of course you may. But it was very brief. Would you like me to flesh it out for you? When do you need it for?”

SL: “Yes please! If you don’t mind. Ideally we need it for tomorrow when we leave for Antigua.”

DO: “I’ll get it to you today.”

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